Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais


The Digital Archive System (DAS) is a professional system that can transform your entire file paper to digital format.
The DAS protects documents from your institution that can not be handled constantly.

Prevents the loss of documents through the clutter, by agents of time, such as moisture, dust and various conditions.
Allows searches, prints, copies, with system access protection.

With the DAS all the physical document archive is: sorted, scanned and archived.

With the DAS the client receives a DVD with autorun, without installing any application, which allows access to all digital information related to the physical files cataloged.
The DAS will allow faster strategic decisions, control of documents of the body and increase the speed and efficiency at work.

The Digital Archiving Systems (DAS) over a decade has provided solutions for imaging and data capture. Our expertise in outsourced solutions gives us the ability to effectively implement these solutions to our customers.

The DAS has multiple ways to implement their solutions in a financial perspective: through the provision of outsourced "Bureau", through implementation of technology in your site and can be purchased immediately (System Implementation) or through installation according to the guidelines and therefore charge a transaction fee for the use of the technology.

The DAS will allow strategic decisions faster, control of documents of the body and increase the speed and efficiency at work.

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