Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais



The financial area intends to ensure the smooth implementation process and submitting deliverables essential to good financial management by the management of the institution, but also the necessary for accountability to third parties to which the institution is obligated.

The financial area has as main goals the effective control of the elements of treasury, accounting, budget planning, allocation and execution.

Projectos Globais conducts several studies of economic and financial viability to inquire about the capacity of projects to generate return, while analysing the performance of one project over another.

The economic feasibility studies and financial analysis of investment projects and case studies can be timely and specific analysis in order to define the best option in relation to available financial resources. These studies allow us to collaborate with management in the selection of projects considered relevant, as well as adjust the strategies of how projects can work.

The following tasks are included on the finance area:

Preparation and budgetary control by the various funding sources;

• Monitoring the financial execution of the budget;

• Development of action plans with compliance with the state of implementation;

• Preparation of financial reports in different periodicities: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or multiannual;

• Accounting control and analysis of the accounts of the institution;

Studies and reviews.

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