Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais

Web Engineering

Web Engineering:

web eng- Preparation of studies, surveys and presentations of solutions to any web based project, with special emphasis on websites, blogs and virtual centers of communication, specifically related to the institution;

- Design and implementation of the portal page or institution´s websites, through a rigorous and prior study of institution, image, objectives and all aspects of its activity;

- Website maintenance, assuring compliance with all rules imposed by the existence of institutional portals;

- Ensuring reception and managing of all suggestions, complaints and communications from users of portals and their applications;

- Standardization of all websites related to the institution and depending on the scope of activity, ensuring a consistent image and structural organization;

- Permanent updating of websites, not only in accordance with the informations sent by the institution, but also with a proactive attitude in which, identifying the areas and aspects that may lack update, the necessary adaptations are made.

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