Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais

Digital Archive System

Implementation of a Digital Archive System:

sis digital arquivo

- Adaptation, development and implementation of a digital archive system in each institution, allowing to ensure the physical integrity of all its documents, but to also ensure the safety and inviolability of the information contained therein;

- Assured longevity, avoiding the loss of documentation and information, by humidity, dust, adverse conditions or unforseen circumstances;

- Protection of institutional documents, preventing them from being manipulated by people without authority to do so;

- Allows conducting research, prints, copies, through a system of access protection;

- Allows sorting, scanning and archiving of all the information and documentation;

- Makes it difficult to access and ownership information, being possible to ensure complete confidentiality and inviolability of the entire file;

- Enables the immediate management, visualization and conducting research of information, with the use of specific applications, on the whole file, which encourages a fast decision-making, a total control of the documentation, by the institution, and a higher productivity, associated with greater speed and efficiency at work;

- Implementation of the most advanced technological systems in digitization and information search, and also regarding its overall safety and inviolability;

- Providing technical expertise to ensure the execution of service excellence and quality throughout the implementation process, development, updating and maintenance of the system, as well as a personalized and continuous monitoring of the institution and new needs that arise.

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