Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais

Information Security

Electronic System for Secure Communication and Information Security:

- Introduction of mechanisms that provide the ability to full protect all computer file and electronic communications;?

- Implementation of mechanisms for classifying information, determining the highest or lowest data confidentiality, and, depending on the levels established, means are associated, in order to guarantee its confidentiality, authenticity and integrity;

- Mechanisms for digitization of information which ensures that data transmission is carried out with much greater safety;

- Mechanisms that safeguard the effectiveness of safety devices introduced within the institution;

- Introduction of mechanisms associated with a strong specialization in cryptography (studies of the principles and techniques by which information can be transformed from its original form to another unreadable, so that can only be known solely by the recipient, upon the arrest of a private key, which results in hindering access to information circulated by those who are not the actual recipient), introducing an encryption system that is assumed to be essential to the necessity institutional systems, in order to guarantee the reliability of data to be transmitted;

- Introduction of a mechanism for digital signature, who is also a cryptographic method, but that represents a method of authenticating digital information, to ensure the authenticity of communication in the field of activity of the institution for all employees;

- Introduction, implementation and updating of computer program PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), that uses encryption to protect the privacy of electronic mail and files stored on the computers of their users, which also allows the authenticity and integrity of the received content. And also MILS, a program that includes data encryption systems, solutions to various organizations, information coding equipment, among many other services.

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