Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais

Operational Optimization

• Conducting and presenting the best prospects for development and operational developments of the institution;

optimizacao operacional - Provision of services designed to support all levels of the institution, improving on operational performance;

- Identification and implementation of structural procedures, which result in effective performance improvements of the institution;

- Understand, master and apply the best organizational practices and types from innovation applied to the whole institutional structure;

- Ensure the establishment of relations of excellence with all who come into contact with the institution, ensuring good institutional image and projection;

- Improving the fluidity of social relations, anticipating behaviors and preventing any stressful situations, encouraging a climate of collaboration;

- Improving decision making and also the institution´s administration;

- Identify the source of any problems;

- Assessment of the relevance and quality of the analysis measures of institutional conduct.

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