Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais

Analysis of Institutional Procedures

Analysis of Institutional Procedures:

analise-procedimentos- Implementation of new procedures and solutions that provide institutional advantages and other positive impacts to the institution;

- Study, definition, implementation and optimization of adequate administrative and financial processes for the institutional activity;

- Establishment of standards of administration for Human Resources, Accounting, Treasury, Logistics, among other aspects directly and indirectly related to the current needs of the institution;

- Development of a manual regarding administrative procedures, where the functions of each area and department are explained, as well as the methods and processing techniques and a summary of the tasks that make up the administrative procedures, among other aspects;

- Evaluation of information systems, through an examination of the procedures adopted in the institution, aiming to identify the existence of any contingencies that may have negative impacts on their productivity and result in increased costs avoidable;

- Permanent attention to the work of the Institution, as a form of risk mitigation and continuous improvement of internal controls on procedures.

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