Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais



For the productivity of an Institution to be optimized it is essential the existence of an administrative system and human resources to operate effectively. This system depends on knowledge and action according to what are the best solutions and best practices implemented in the specific characteristics and needs of the institution.

Therefore, it is essential to its functioning that the operational structure is studied, defined and monitored to ensure that the objectives are ensured and its projection is appropriate and consistent with its purposes.


Within the operational intervention, various services are provided related to administrative aspects and human resources, combining a proactive conduct regarding the presentation and implementation of new services and processes to optimize the institutional activity at a constant exercise of identifying contingencies that can produce negative impacts on productivity and lead to an increase in avoidable costs.


The following tasks are included on the administrative area:

• Conducting and presenting the best prospects for development and operational developments of the institution;

• Structuring a file of the institution;

Analysis of institutional procedures;

Human Resource Management;

Implementation of a workflow.

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