Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais

Areas of Expertise

Projectos Globais carries out its intervention in each of the following areas of activity , in a complementary and multidisciplinary way.



• Conducting and presenting the best prospects for development and operational developments of the institution;

• Structuring a file of the Institution;

• Analysis of institutional procedures;

• Human Resource Management;

• Implementation of a workflow.


Marketing and Advertising:

• Developing a marketing and advertising plan;

• Normalization and standardization of the corporate image of the institution and its associates;

• Communication Project;

• Virtual communication.



• Strategic plan;

• Responsibility assignment matrix;

• Conceptual plan;

• Management plan;

• Thematic survey and case studies.



• Preparation and budgetary control by the various funding sources;

• Monitoring the financial execution of the budget;

• Development of action plans with compliance with the state of implementation;

• Preparation of financial reports in different periodicities: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or multiannual;

• Accounting control and analysis of the accounts of the institution;

• Studies and reviews.


Information and Communication Technologies:

• Implementation of a Digital Archive System;

• Representation of companies specialized in fighting malware (malicious software);

• Web Engineering;

• Archive Digital System;

• Electronic System for Secure Communication and Information Security;

• Solutions for electronic communication

• Multimedia Advisory.


Civil Engineering and Architecture:

• Development of architectural projects;

• Development of specialty projects;

• Surveillance of work;

• Interior Decoration.


Project management

• initiation;

• Planning;

• Execution;

• Monitoring and control;

• Closing.


All intervention areas should work on full interoperability with all other areas involved, ensuring a good synchronization between all vertices of action in which the institution is broken down, ensuring profitability and undeniable productivity gains.


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