Projectos Globais

Projectos Globais


Any work that Projectos Globais produces always starts with a survey and in-depth knowledge of the need or problem.

After this phase a detailed and rigorous analysis of the topic, the context and the institution where it is inserted is reviewed. At this stage, all aspects are taken into consideration, so that they can define integrated and efficient solutions in response to the need or trouble.

The phase of defining the solution includes the measurement of the impacts of actions, as well as the definition of goals and objectives.

Only after these steps, the project moves towards implementation.

To ensure the success of the intervention, its operation is monitored, as well as the confirmation of its correct application.

The following table shows the method:

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The Project

Projectos Globais is able to respond to all imposed projects, whether they are from Administrative, Marketing and Advertising, Strategy, Finance, Information and Communication Technologies, Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Project Management areas, according to their specific needs, and can thus the services be from consulting, technical assistance, monitoring, project development or audit.

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In the presence of a new challenge comes a new project which may include any one of the areas and in any form or type of service (illustrated in the table above). At each area, various activities may be involved in a project and only one another. The need will define the implementation and the areas involved. Moreover, services may be provided in a timely consulting or may be continuously provided under technical assistance or development.




Indeed, encompassing several areas with different types of services, Projectos Globais is able to implement and develop projects with tremendous flexibility, without lack of efficiency and preserving all the institutional factors.


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