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Welcome to Projectos Globais

About Us

We are a company with recognized expertise in several areas, dedicated to the provision of integrated services, tailored to specific needs, providing effective responses, and based on the international best practices.

We present ourselves to the customer as a true strategic business partner rather than a mere supplier of solutions.

We base our actions on the real customer needs, and we structure the most appropriate solution, a permanent action of consulting and technical support.

The knowledge of the market and the accumulated wealth of experience, allows us to provide solutions for each Institution and ensure a lasting and permanent relationship, a fundamental condition for updating the systems.

We provide consulting, technical assistance, auditing, development and supervision that cut across the administrative, marketing and advertising, strategic, financial and information and communication technologies (ICT's) areas. The provision of all services is provided by trained professionals, experienced and focused on achieving the objectives.



Mission and Values


Our main mission is to operate in an integrated, multidisciplinary and complementary way, in order to success and prosperity of our customers. For this we have a range of services performed by a specialized group of professionals, experienced, motivated, dedicated and focused on achieving the same goal.

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We bound ourselves for the following values:

  • Rigour;
  • Effectiveness;
  • Adaptability;
  • Creativity;
  • Flexibility;
  • Committment.

We believe that by combining all the mentioned values ​​are created all the conditions necessary to establish a strong partnership, with clear objectives and lasting success in all of our actions.




Any job that we produce always begins with a survey and needs profound knowledge.

We make a detailed and rigorous analysis of the topic, the context and the institution where it belongs. All aspects are taken into account, so that we can set effective and integrated solutions.

The phase of definying of the solution includes the measurement of the impacts of actions and includes the definition of goals and objectives.

Only after these steps we can move to implementation.

To ensure the success of the intervention, after the implementation it is usual to monitor its functioning.

The following table translates this method:

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The Project

Projectos Globais is able to respond to all projects imposed, whether of administrative, marketing and advertising, strategic, financial and information and communication technology areas, according to their specific needs, allowing the services to take the form of consultancy, technical assistance, inspection, audit or project development.

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In the presence of a new challenge comes a new project which may include any one of the areas and in any form or type of service (illustrated in the table above). In each area, several activities may be involved in a project and only one another. The need will define the implementation and the areas to involve. On the other hand, services may be provided promptly in consulting or may be continuously provided under technical assistance or development.

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Indeed, encompassing the different areas with different types of services, Projectos Globais is able to implement and develop projects with a great flexibility, without losing the same rigor and let you have all the institutional factors into account.